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From Zero

to Code


About us

At Geek Code Planet, our goal is to shape the future with ICT today. We seek to take part in solving the challenge of low adoption and application of ICT in Nigerian schools by exposing kids to various ICT skills to enhance their cognitive development and guide them to a place of understanding things around them, encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

By partnering with schools in form of after school programs/clubs to teach kids coding and IT skills, curriculum integration and training of teachers to leverage on ICT tools for effective teaching

OUR Vision

equip children with relevant knowledge to help them compete in an always technology advancing society.

define the future by exposing the children to concepts that would help their creativity, problem solving and collaboration skills .

in 5 years we plan to reach 250,000 children.


this is what we are doing


Learn to automate tasks and give instructions to programs with coding. Students learn to code in different programming languages

Game development and design

Design and develop games for different platforms,and mod Minecraft games, students transit from just game players to game creators.


Design, build robots and program its micro-controllers like Mirco-bit, Ardunio, etc

Web Design

Students learn to design websites and apps suited for the web, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web programming languages

Mobile App Development

Design and program mobile applications for respective app stores


learn to create and animate objects. Students learn how to tell their own stories through animation.



child counts


  • Career Service
  • African Community School
  • Institute For Ethics and Professional Studies
  • The KEPHALE Gift Shop
  • Somtea Codes