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Kids learn to code in a free coding class

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July 22, 2018
Free coding class for kids
Free coding class (2nd Edition)
November 15, 2018

Kids learn to code in a free coding class

Free coding classes


On the 29th of September some group of kids were exposed to game design, animation and robotics in a free coding class organized by Geek Code Planet.

It was indeed an awesome day on Saturday. Kids were taught how to create their own games, animate characters and control robots. Many of which was a first time for them.

Lots of excitement and fun as kids got to know that they could program their own games, and make their very own animation. At the end of the day they were lots of different games made with different stories by the kids, one of which is the “Journey of the Black Knight” a game based on the adventures of a knight through tough terrains.


Geek Code PlanetGeek Code Planet
Geek Code Planet
Geek Code Planet
Geek Code Planet


We want to a big thank you to all who supported in igniting the passion for creativity in these young ones. Indeed, we can shape the future by teaching these kids to learn how technology works.

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