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Emergency App Created by Students in Summer Camp 2019.

Privacy Policy of Emergency App
August 31, 2019

Emergency App Created by Students in Summer Camp 2019.

The Emergency App designed by Geek Code Planet Summer Campers for kids, when asked to solve a problem with technology.

An emergency can happen at any time. Accidents come as a surprise. In cases of an emergency, kids need to reach out to their parent(s) or guardians as fast as possible. A second is enough to save a life if help arrives quickly.

Dialling a number in an emergency can be cumbersome, in an emergency kids can easily forget the contact of their parents or misdial the numbers because of tension.
The Emergency apps gets your kids to skip the hassle of having to type the number of their emergency contact, and gets them to quickly get help.

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The emergency app needs a one time set up for two emergency contact information, after which the kids open up the app and tap on the simply tap on the picture of the emergency contact.


The emergency app designed by our Summer Camper at Geek Code Planet to help solve the problem of insecurity faced by kids in the society. A research conducted by the kids shows it takes a child an average of six (6) seconds to dial their parent/guardian’s number when not under tension. The emergency app was designed to shorten this time as even a second is vital when there is an emergency.

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Watch full video here

Emergency App video

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